Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TROVADOR-Keenan Brand/Ford Men

Vintage tattoo shirt by Jean Paul Gaultier; armbands with stripes 

by Bernhard Willhelm; lycra leggings by American Apparel

Left: Long sleeve shirt by Petar Petrov; printed t-shirt 

and pajama trouser, both by John Galliano

Right: Vintage trouser with suspenders by Jean Paul Gaultier

bow tie by Burberry Prorsum; bowler hat, stylist's own

Vintage dress shirt by Comme des Garcons; long sleeve pullover 

by Tim Hamiltontrouser by Bless; socks with stripes by Bernhard Willhelm

Left: Shirt by Thomas Engel Hart; vest by John Galliano

tuxedo trouser by Burberry Prorsum

Right: Striped pullover by Tim Hamilton

trouser by John Galliano; scarf by Masatomo

Shirt by Nice Collective; ruffled collar by John Galliano

Full Name: Keenan Harrison Brand
Homebase: Atlanta, Georgia
Age: 17
Discovery: I walked into Ford Models LA, had some pictures taken and I was signed the next day. 
Prior Experience: I have been a professional actor since the age of 12. I appeared  in Oliver Stone's film W., played the role of Marvin Pierce Bush in the film and also a few television commercials.
Expectations: I am looking forward to the shows in Milan and Paris. It's my very first time going to Europe! Acting is still an option but modeling is my primary focus now.

AGENTS: Sam Doerfler/Jesse Simon/
Emily Novak/Blake Woods
SET DESIGN: Christian Batenhorst
GROOMING: Hiro Yonemoto for MAC Cosmetics

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