Thursday, August 6, 2009

THE OUTLAW-Daniel Liu/Ford/FM2

A Fall 2009 Preview
Jeans by Tom Ford; bandana. stylist's own

Left: Turtleneck and scarf, both by Tom Ford
Right: Coat, turtleneck, scarf and jeans,
all by Tom Ford; boots by Gordon Rush
Left: Vintage denim shirt by Alexander McQueen; tank tee by Boss Orange; boots by Gordon Rush; belt, stylist's own; jeans by Lee; watch by David Yurman; fedora by Burberry Prorsum
Right: Turtleneck by Tom Ford; bandana, stylist's own; fedora by Burberry Prorsum

Left: Coat by Tom Ford
Right: denim jacket by Guess; tank tee by Boss Orange; jeans by Diesel; watch by David Yurman; bandana and belt, stylist's own

Sweater by Tom Ford; tank tee by Boss Orange; long thermal wintry socks, stylist's own

Fragrance by Tom Ford Extreme/Vaporisateur

Full Name: Daniel Liu

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 26

Discovery/How did you get into modeling: My sister sent in some digital photos from a modeling contest I'd won and I got a call from Ford shortly after that. She never told me she submitted them so I was surprised to get a phone call from the main agent in LA.

Previous career before entering the wonderful world of modeling: I've had a couple career jobs before modeling but this is what I love doing most. I get to work with and meet great people, travel, and have flexibility in my schedule. It is perfect for me at the moment.

Other career goals: I definitely have some plans for the future that are aside from modeling. I'd like to own my own business at some point and to also impact some kind of positive change with whatever resources I have. Whether it's helping the environment, providing for the homeless, or sending medicine overseas, I definitely want to help in any way that I can.

Favorite hobbies: I really enjoy working out, staying healthy, playing the guitar, watching movies, and spending time with the people I love. I can have fun doing just about anything when I'm in the right company.

Favorite music/films: I listen to different music to match my moods. When I'm just getting through the day, I like listening to The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys, Keane, The Shins, or lots of Indie Rock. When I'm trying to mellow out or wind down after a long day, it's Dave Matthews, Ben Harper, or something relaxing. As far as my favorite movies go, Top Gun is definitely one of them. I also liked the films Fight Club and Pulp Fiction.

How did you enjoy doing this shoot? I loved working with the team. They were amazing to work with and very professional.

People will be surprised to know this about me: I can be serious at times, but really I'm a guy that loves to have fun. I work hard but I also enjoy the little things in life.

AGENT: Maher Naser

GROOMING: Yinna Wang for Badass
Special thanks to Natalie Rawling and Cliff Fleiser at Tom Ford International and Maher Naser at Ford/FM2

Tom Ford/Tom Ford

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