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THE INSIDER-Gio Metodiev

What you didn't know...Gio Metodiev
Men's Public Relations Manager at Dolce & Gabbana



Full Name: Gio Metodiev

Age: 29

Homebase: New York, NY

1. In the fashion industry, I often find that the role of a Public Relations Manager is the most mysterious in the fashion equation. These jobs are not always advertised or promoted...It is almost like a secret fraternity.

Fashion is a small industry at the end of the day and most great jobs are filled before they even get to be posted on the market. Having the right contacts and a great reputation definitely helps to get these opportunities. I have been fortunate enough to have some of the most respected and successful people in the media world be my references whenever I applied for a position.

2. Could you provide me with some insight into how one get a job like yours? Who was your mentor, what does your job require you to do? Is it as glamourous as it appears?

Because as far as I know, work in fashion industry is all smoke and mirrors...

I take every project with the good and the bad. My experiences have definetely exposed me to some incredible events and people but after all, work is work and you have to give 110% of yourself, stay calm, and be focused. An old boss of mine always used to say that what we do is not a brain surgery, so when keeping things simple and on target, you’re bound to succeed.

3. Sometimes I am told that "samples are completely out" (depending on your relationship with the PR manager) or "we have nothing left in the showroom." Is this really a fact ? How many samples does a PR person really have per given season for trafficking in and out for shoots/events?

I’ve always believed that honesty is a key ingredient regardless of the job you do. I often see the relationship between stylists and publicists as an equal partnership. Editors won’t be able to do their job without getting the right information or products and public relations executives won’t be able to get their brand’s name out there without the press coverage. It is extremely important to earn the editor’s trust and to be always open with your approach. As banal as it might sound, no good deed goes unnoticed. People always remember if you were professional and polite to them.

4. Which part of your job do you love?

Which part you could do without?

I love the time around our fashion shows. There is this great electricity in the air, the buzz about the celebrities attending the show, the creative process and the writing of press releases, the new collection. It is truly an adrenaline rush. I could definitely do without the writing of reports and charts. I’m much more of a visual person. Let’s just say that Excel and I are not the best of friends.

5. Do you wear Dolce & Gabbana all the time? One would assume you would since you have to practice what you preach. So, honestly, can we find other designer brands in your closet at home? Which brands do you wear on your off days? How would you describe your personal style?

There is always a Dolce & Gabbana piece that is part of my look. It could be a great pair of sneakers, a fitted Henley shirt, or a pair of jeans. I frankly believe that if someone works in fashion, they should celebrate it with all its variety and should not wear only one certain brand. I love wearing clothes that are masculine, sexy and sharp-looking. I try to stay away from crazy patterns or large logos. Being elegant and understated is the ultimate luxury.

6. Your feelings towards the state of fashion...Are we thriving or is it changing for better or worse?

Fashion is so vibrant and always on the go. It is not an accident that all of us live a year ahead. It might sound crazy to some that we look at Spring/Summer 2010 collections in June’09 but this is the reality of our business. The internet has definitely reshaped the industry’s landscape. Just take a look at the recent New York Fashion Week; bloggers were taking front row seats next to editor-in-chiefs. Things are changing fast and change is crucial to fashion. It keeps it alive!

8. What do you do in your spare time to get away from talking fashion 24/7?

I’m absolutely obsessed with fashion, but film will always remain my first love. I could spend days watching obscure Japanese flicks or old French movies. The ability to recreate an entire world with people and emotions out of scratch never ceases to amaze me.

9. If you had to choose another area within the fashion industry to be your occupation, what area would you like to spend a day working in?

I’d probably choose to be a photographer. Defining beauty and capturing it on camera takes such a unique vision and exceptional talent. Also knowing that what you do is here to stay forever as a sign of the times makes the work of the photographer that much more fundamental and phenomenal. I’ll feel so blessed to possess this skill.

10. What makes Gio happy?

I can be very self-indulgent if I choose to. A great restaurant, a great pair of shoes, a beautiful vista can all make me happy. I must admit that traveling is one of the most exciting things to me. Nothing compares to getting off a plane to a totally new place, experiencing the noise, smell and taste of an unknown culture.

11. Bonus Question: What's your motto in life?

I win against all odds.

GIO METODIEV's Top 5 Music Videos
Gio picks his top 5 music videos that are
under the radar but fashionably cool:


“Stay” is one of the most stylish and beautiful videos ever. It tells an entire story with such a sparse choice of elements. The smokey eye-shadows, the room somewhere above the earth and the gigantic respirator machine are like something taken out of a futuristic fashion shoot. Siobhan Fahey, who plays Satan, wears a killer black-sequined pant suit, long before Gucci and Balmain introduced their crystal creations. Her performance is what makes the video so outstanding. She is sexy, mischievous and cynical all at the same time. It’s a total pop perfection from beginning to end.


An incredible video that actually makes the color white expressive. Somewhat inspired by "A Clockwork Orange", the band looks ultra-slick and futuristic in their matching white suits. The line, “How long have you been a red man?” is just as quirky and full of subliminal message as the rest of the video. Wait till the end of the music video for some Catholic shocker.


Goldfrapp are very interested in using animal fetishes and seem to always sneak in a beastly reference. This video is absolute perfection, combining all the great elements from their previous works. You have a "Pooch Clinique" filled with all kinds of dogs, prancing around in stilettos and silver silk robes. You have Alison Goldfrapp looking ravishing as a sexy patient, clad in an ultra-mini fuchsia jumpsuit, waving her paws in the air. Pair all this with a hypnotizing beat and you have a brilliant video.


Roisin is such a style icon. She is so bold and totally unafraid to experiment with her looks. This video is a fashion extravaganza to the max. Full of references to the late and absolutely amazing Leigh Bowery, “Movie Star” is a total camp poking fun at its own self. The most priceless moment arrives when "poor" Roisin gets raped by a giant red lobster. The cheap zombie freak-out at the end is absolutely absurd, which makes the whole thing as twice the fun.



Shot on location in the Mojave desert, “My Favorite Game” chronicles the band’s lead singer Nina Persson desperately trying to fulfill her death wish. While getting in all kinds of trouble, Nina never ceases to look tough, sexy and determined. Pay attention to the black stain on the red leather seat. It leaked from Nina’s drawn massive dragon tattoo. Hey, sometimes looking bad-ass can get a little messy.

IMAGES: Jeffrey



Note: Gio is wearing all Dolce & Gabbana in this feature.

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