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Our First in a Series: Model Marko Brozic
From a Distance—London to New York


Full Name: Marko Brozic

Age: 23

Homebase: London, England

From the photography series-With A Bit Of Green

What were you doing prior to modeling?

I was studying graphic design and working for a mobile company.

What are your future plans after modeling?

I would like to continue pursuing graphic design in the near future.

What are some graphic designers that inspire you?

At the moment, I really like the work of Kenya Hara because of his simple but very effective designs, and his use of clean lines and the minimal use of color in his designs. The combination of a neutral color palette and refined style lines is very elegant and appealing.

Tell us about your self-photography series. You have been shooting them for quite a number of years. Could you tell us how you decided to start the series and what the photos mean to you personally?

I started taking pictures of myself when I first got a mobile phone with a camera about four years ago. I took pictures to upload them on various internet communities that were increasing in popularity at that time. I wanted to have different, more original pictures, so I experimented with concepts, poses and compositions.

After I experimented with the mobile phone, I progressed to a basic family-range digital camera, I have not upgraded yet to a more professional camera as I still like the results from the one I still have.

I do self-portraits with the intention to develop aesthetic pictures of myself and to discover my body through the camera.

From the photography series-The Real Ketchup Suicide

Reviewing your portfolio, we noticed that photographers and fashion stylists love to feature you as a chameleon in editorials, from wearing the formal to the outlandish. If you were given free reign, describe your preferred character and locations for the assignment.

I think a shepherd would be interesting, placed in some old village in the amazing landscapes of Scotland. The dramatic scenery at various locations around Scotland could produce some excellent shots and portraits using the theme of the shepherd. I like the character of a shepherd because I like nature and rural ways of living, and also it would be a perfect escape away from the city.

You are originally from Slovenia. What's life like in Slovenia vs. living in London now?

Slovenia is a really small country with only a population of around two million people compared to the massive population of London. Life there is less stressful because life is slower. London is much more stressful but there are lots of opportunities and more things to see and do. I like life in Slovenia, but for me, I prefer life in London. In London, you get to meet people from various cultures and backgrounds unlike back home in Slovenia.

From the photography series-Hyper Relax


1. Your memory of your favorite day.

I don't have one favorite day in particular, but I have a lot of nice memories that I keep in my mind.

2. Your favorite shoot to date and why was the shoot memorable for you.

It is difficult for me to choose because there are quite a few. I prefer shoot with a strong creative vision.

The most memorable was my first shoot for Dazed & Confused because I found the process of shooting fascinating, from setting up the lights, styling the clothes to hair/makeup and how long it requires to capture a shot perfectly.

3. Your favorite pastime.

I like jogging, watching movies—comedies or indie films—cook (Italian) and hanging out with my friends.

4. Your favorite dream destination

Iceland, because of the beautiful nature and unique people, and because I think it is quite a relaxing and diverse country.

5. Five of your personal favorite items you cannot leave home without and why.


The bag is spacious and waterproof. It protects all my items inside from the common rainy weather in London.


Must I explain? Can't anyone live without one?


Contains all my favorite music: from pop, rock to mostly jazz. I listen to music while I am on the go, all the time.


I love the art of keeping a journal. It is a great memory tool.


I received the wallet as a gift. It is a bit worn but it has sentimental value for me.

From the photography series-jhvbl

Christophe Sanchez-Vahle/Premier Model Management (UK)
Rodger Mikhaiel/Major (Paris)
MODEL: Marko Brozic/Premier (UK) and Major (Paris)
IMAGES: Self-Portraits by Marko Brozic
TEXT EDITOR: Jonathan Shia
Special thanks to Christophe Sanchez-Vahle at Premier (UK) and Rodger Mikhaiel at Major (Paris) for their long distance support and to Marko Brozic for providing and sharing his self-portrait photography for this feature.

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