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A Short Clip
S|S 2010 Collection

Douglas Neitzke|Ford
Nick Hinman|Wilhelmina


Photographed by BELL SOTO

Photographed by DUSTIN BEATTY

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Traveller, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Up and Coming Model,
all wrap up in one package. Watch out!

Full Name: Samuel Waldman
Age: 19
Homebase: Springfield, Virginia, now resides in Los Angeles

1. What was the line that an agent/scout said to you that convinced you that modeling was your next career move?
What's the line that got me to model for? Does "Hello" count? I wasn't a hard sell, Ford turned me down when I was younger so when I came back two years later and they wanted represent me, I was elated !

2. I was told that you travel quite a bit. Could you tell me the places you have traveled to?
I've traveled to England, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, and Jordan, along with most of America. My favorite cities in the world, from what I've seen so far, are London, Tel Aviv, and Petra.
London is special to me because, as a 14 year old, it was my first foreign city I was bale to explore by myself. Last summer I traveled to Tel Aviv with my two friends David and Dan, we paid 15 dollars a night to sleep on mats on the roof of this hostel two blocks from the beach. The roof was packed with people from all over the world. I wouldn't have traded that experience for a five-star hotel room. Petra was by far the most spectacular sight: an entire ancient city carved out of a mountainside. At nightfall, the locals would line miles and miles of lit candle along to city path. I'll never forget that sight.

3. You created some new business ventures with your friends when you were in school. Could you tell me about some of these ventures? How did you get started?
Almost two years ago I moved to Boston to work with my friend David with his company TheCollegeParty, which threw weekly 18+ parties and used these events to introduce college students to new products.
Shortly after my arrival a new client, Honest Tea, had contacted David, wanting to give David and me the opportunity to market for a product seven days a week. Since I was the only permanent employee of this start-up marketing firm and the CEO was in the midst of graduating from college, it was up to me to do the required work so that Honest Tea would take us on as a client the next fall. My job was simple: pass out the bottled tea beverage to as many people on the street as possible. After one month and 5,000 bottles of tea, I had gotten our company its first client. By the start of the next school year, College Marketing Solutions was the new name, and we had 15 team members and two new clients.

4. What advice would you give to any other young entrepreneurs out there with a dream? Should they go for it?
What I would say to any young entrepreneurs out there: A start-up business is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Even some of the best ideas in the world took time to turn a profit.

5. You have a blog that is quite interesting. Could you tell us about the origin of it? I was told you have gotten some angry emails about some of your postings. Why is that?
It's not as much a blog as it is a stream of Tweets and Facebook statuses. I never liked the "Sam Waldman is going out for lunch." I just didn't think anyone would care to read them anymore. So I started by giving them my own spin, things like, "Sam Waldman has big tits." Some were sexual, like "Sam Waldman has slept with every Disney Princess except for Belle...who had a thing for bestiality." Others were intended to be hurtful.: "Sam Waldman wishes everyone would stop assuming he cares about them." But I think I started getting the angry e-mails when I put up "Sam Waldman doesn't like fat kids," where some of my more husky friends felt attacked. I had to explain to them that like one of my statuses had said ("Sam Waldman has equal opportunity hatred") I don't try and single people out , I just write what makes me laugh, sometimes what makes me laugh is shocking, and that's the whole point, to shock people out of their chairs.

6. You're also really into photography. Tell us about that and how you view the world you live in through your photography.
I love photography. As a little kid all I wanted was my Dad's Nikon EM, my grandparents bribed me with a Japanese Edition Canon E if I learned my multiplication tables. I think I enjoyed the control. Not only did everyone always look to the photographer for direction, but with a camera in your hands, you have the ability to make the inherently ugly into something so truly beautiful.

7. Being young is all about living life and soaking it in as fast as possible. What's the most dangerous thing that you have encountered?
While I was working in Boston we had a 1970's Ice Cream Truck to hand out Honest Tea and our other products. It was a giant iron box on a pair of small wheels with bad brakes. I'd have to drive 40 miles north of Boston to pick up 500 cases of tea. There were times driving back with all that weight in the back I was sure we were gonna crash be crushed by hundreds of pounds of bottled herbal beverages.

8. You have so much energy and ambition. Where do you see yourself down the road of life?
I don't want to stop living and learning. In five years I could be digging wells in third-world countries, or working as mid-level sales assistant for a toothpaste company. Neither would surprise me and both would teach me something new, and that is my only standard for the "what's next?" question.

9. What makes Sam Waldman happy?
What makes me happy? So many things: a good book, a new movie, a catchy song. I'm easy to please, my girlfriend and I went to the aquarium recently and I couldn't have been happier. Also, seeing my family is always an upside. Just recently my whole family congregated in Union Square for about 10 minutes before we all dispersed and went back to Virginia, Chicago, L.A., and downtown, but I'm always happy to see them.

10. If you had to choose a song that best represents you, which one would it be?
"You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate

11.Bonus Question: What's your motto in life?
"Keep your chin up, because the clouds might part and the sun will rise and you'll be too busy looking at your feet."

AGENT: Jesse Simon/Ford
Model: Sam Waldman/Ford
Special thanks to Jesse Simon, everyone at Ford Models, Brian Lichtenberg and Heather Hayhurst at The News for their support.

Brian Lichtenberg (Jeans)
Cheap Monday (Tee Shirts)
Alexander McQueen (Sweater)

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Digital Shot taken on set by John Tan

Jacket and shirt, both by Davidelfin; bow tie and scarf
(worn as cummerbund) by Masatomo; trouser by John Galliano

Age: 19
Hometown: Texas, lived in Marietta, Georgia
Selected Film Credits: Walk The Line, Hannah Montana, Fear Clinic, The Spy Next Door (2010), Battle: Los Angeles (2011)

1. What was life like growing up in Marietta, Georgia?
I grew up outside of Atlanta in a residential area. Looking back on it, I think I had one of the best childhood anyone could wish for. I went to public school my entire life. It was a completely necessary piece to the puzzle as far as keeping your head on straight from an entertainment industry perspective.

2. What drawn you to wanting to be an actor?
I was 10, I was too small for football. I needed something to do.

3. I was told that you have a knack for voice impersonations, what are your specialties?
You asked this as if you know me well, because only people who have spent an extended amount of time around me would know that I enjoy doing voice impersonations. My favorite one would have to be my German accent, because I studied German for 4 years. It's a voice that I can manipulate any way I want because I know the ins and outs of the enunciation perfectly.

4. What are your family's views about you getting into show business in the beginning vs. now?
My family was always supportive from the beginning and their opinion hasn't changed since.

Left: Jacket, trouser and shoes, all by Petar Petrov; shirt by KZO;
tie by Shipley & Halmos
Right: Shirt by A&V; tie by Shipley & Halmos

5. You made the trek from Georgia to LA at a very young age to pursue an acting career, was it an easy transition?
I am actually still in the transitional phase. I would be lying if I said it wasn't hard to move away from home. Unlike Georgia, LA isn't the kind of place where you can greet any stranger on the street with a friendly hello. So, I'm not done with the transition yet so ask me again sometime in the future.

6. Do you have particular funny memories that you could share about the road to Hollywood?
Here's something funny about my move to Hollywood: I didn't have a car, didn't have a clue what my new home will be like and I didn't know anyone. Actually, it's more depressing than funny...

7. How do you decide which roles to take? Does the casting process becomes easier after you have enjoyed some successes with Hannah Montana?
Hannah Montana was a great experience but it doesn't exactly open doors for you in the casting process. I still have to go through the auditions like any other actors. As to how I choose my roles, it's either I like the material offer to me or not.

8. How would you envision your acting career going forward?
I used to say where I want my career to go from here but I think I would rather say I just want to keep doing good work . I would like to be prolific but stretched out over the course of my whole life, not short lived. Rushing it just creates a huge amount of raw attention that means nothing to me. I don't want to end up on a VH1 special about "Where Are They Now?" ten years down the road.

9. You costar with recording artist, Taylor Swift in her hit music video, You Belong With Me. You got a chance to portray a football player in the music video, can you tell us about that experience?
It was a dream of mine to play a football star in a movie since I was a kid. My dream came true a few years later when I got the chance to do it AND make out with Taylor Swift, all at the same time!!! What more is there to say? In all seriousness, Taylor is a sweet girl and super talented. I cannot believe I had the chance to work with her.

Left: Jacket and shirt, both by Masatomo; bow tie by Brioni
Right: Coat, shirt, trouser and shoes, all by Burberry Prorsum;
ascot, stylist's own; gloves by Louis Vuitton

10. Early this year, you costar in a film with Jackie Chan playing a Russian spy (The Spy Next Door-Release Date: January 15, 2010 ), what was the experience like working with Jackie? How did you research for the role?
Working with Jackie was one of the coolest experiences of my life to date. He was one of my idols growing up. My dad and I would get Jackie Chan films and watch them together. My favorite was "The Legend of the Drunken Master." As far as research for the role goes, I just played a lot of GTA IV to get the accent down.

11. Television: Fear Clinic: That was a major departure for you. What frightens you? What was it like working with Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger fame)?
Working on Fear Clinic was a departure as an actor for me but I enjoyed it. I am not frighten by anything because I am fearless, just kidding! I am actually very afraid of heights and spiders. Working with Robert Englund was amazing, I actually shared a few scenes with him so definitely check it out!

12. You just went to Thailand recently to work on a film project, what is your latest project about?
I went to Thailand to shoot a project that I cannot reveal much. What I can tell you is the title of the film, it's call Vacation 8. I had a lot of fun, the experience was unforgettable.
I am currently shooting another film called Battle: Los Angeles. My costars are Michelle Rodriguez, Bridget Moynahan and Aaron Eckhart. I played a corporal. I am having the time of my life! (See photo)

Digital photos taken on set of Battle: Los Angeles

13. We are told that you are a video game fanatic, could you tell us your top five favorites?
Yes, I have an addiction, and it is video games. I've been known to drop $300 on one trip to the store, just because I needed a cure for boredom. Here's my list of favorite games:
Final Fantasy 7, Fallout 3, Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, Gears of War and Final Fantasy Tactics

14. You are also very active in supporting causes you believe in, can you tell us some of those charities you are supporting?
I am an ambassador for Power of Youth ( It is an organization that introduces influential youth to lead by example in volunteerism and philanthropic as our civil responsibility. I would also, in the future, like to show my support for the USO.

15. As a public figure, which part of fame do you enjoy and which part you could do without?
As long as proper respect are given, there would be nothing wrong with fame. The problems that arise, from my perspective, is when people treat you like you are a monkey in a cage, and they tell you when to flip as if we're supposed to listen. That kind of fame I can live without. That being said, I am very thankful for the amount of influence I might have on others thru my work. If I could be a positive role model for someone, that's great!

Robe and vest by John Galliano; shirt by Burberry Prorsum;
trouser by Thomas Engel Hart

16. What would be your advice for any young individual that wants to pursue an acting career like the one you have, knowing what you know now?
If you want to get into the business I have some selfish advice: We all like attention, but make sure you want to be an entertainer for all the right reasons. Do not get into it for the glitz, paparazzi and to be told how cool you are, because that's when entertainment becomes mediocre. I say it's selfish advice because I am tired of seeing superficial untalented individuals making millions for B quality work. I wanted to be more impressed when I go to the movies.

17. What makes Lucas Till happy?
Video games and girls makes Lucas happy.

18. Your favorites/not favorites things:
Color—I never had a favorite color
Music—Heavy Metal
Clothes—Tee shirts and jeans
Food—Beef jerky
Word/Sound that you dislike to hear—Hate the noise of people smacking their food in my ear
Curse word—I like all of them equally because there is an appropriate time for each one to be socially effective

19. Last Question: Do you think this is a good time to be a youth growing up in America? How would you like to see our world in the near future?
I think it is always a good time to grow up in America as long as you appreciate the freedom we have. I think sometimes we all take our freedom for granted. As Americans, we have to set the right example for the rest of the world to see, otherwise, everyone else in the world that cannot achieve the things we do would think we are a spoiled country and assume all Americans to be that way.


GROOMING: Anna Bernabe for
Shot on location at the Downtown Standard Hotel, LA
For more information, please visit:
Special thanks to Scott Wine @ The Osbrink Agency, everyone at The Standard Downtown for their help and support.
To Lucas Till for his time and collaboration and most importantly, for diving into the pool.

Thomas Engel
Zadig &