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Full Name: Marc Herron
Age: 19
Homebase: Quebec, Canada

1. Could you tell us what's different bewteen modeling in Montreal vs. New York?
Well, from what I've experienced so far, modeling in New York simply just moves at much a faster pace than in Montreal.

2. Hockey is Canada's pride and passion. What are some things we should know about the sport that Americans might not know? Why do you think the sport is as talked about in Canada as, let's say, basketball or baseball are here? Does the crowd ever get insanely mad, like at soccer games in Europe?
Canadians' passion for hockey is like none other. Two years ago I was at the Montreal Canadians game where we defeated the Boston Bruins in the first round of the playoffs. Even though it was only the first round , one of the biggest riots in Montreal ensued. Police cars were flipped, Bruin's flags were burned, and people were going wild. Although this may not be the case for all Canadian teams, it definitely shows the passion we have for the sport and our teams.

3. You are still in school. What does your friends think about you entering the world of modeling?
It definitely varies. Most of my female friends take a much greater interest, and although my guy friends like to make jokes here and there, they are all really supportive.

4. The photo shoot is quite dreamlike and collegiate. How close to reality is the imagery to your everyday life? If it is far remote from it, what would be a locale for Marc to be in?
Well, it's not the exact image of my life. However, I love hanging out with friends and spending time outdoors. During the summer, my friends and I spend a lot of time at each other's country houses relaxing by the lake.

5. Food—Since becoming a model, can you eat whatever you want or do you have to be very careful about what you can intake? What types of food are your favorites?
Luckily my mother is a great cook so I rarely eat fast food. If I do eat out, I'm a big fan of Lebanese food.

6. Tell us about where you go to school, what your favorite subjects and why.
I'm currently in what's called Cégep. In Quebec, we graduate high school in grade 11. The next two years of school is Cégep, followed by three years of university. The scheduling and atmosphere in Cégep is very similar to university, except everyone is local. As for my favorite subject, I'd definitely have to say my Linear Algebra class. Most people hate math, but to me, it's like a game.

7. You recently did a shoot based on the concept of "Children of the Corn". Could you tell us your experience?
It was actually really interesting. We are out in a corn field and the four of us were wearing black suits with black boots haunting a girl in a white dress. In some shots I'm even wearing this creepy black mask. It was very eerie.

8. I always wonder how models mentally prepare themselves before a shoot, because you never quite know what the theme is until you arrive on the day at the set.
I don't really do anything out of the ordinary. I tend to listen to music before hand, but I'm usually always listening to music. Basically as long as I have my caffeine, I'm good to go.

9. What are your future plans career-wise besides modeling? What would be surprising for us to know about Marc?
Well, I am applying to business programs in university and I've always been really interested in marketing. But I'm the type of guy that really lives in the moment and I feel that things have a way of just working themselves out. So as of now, I don't really think about it much until I know what I want to do.

10. What makes Marc happy?
Friends, Family and Sports

11. Bonus Question: What's your motto in life?
Still trying to figure that one out.

AGENT: Kevin/Adam
IMAGES: Michael Brager
MODEL: Marc Herron/Adam
COPY EDITOR: Jonathan Shia
Special thanks to Kevin at Adam Models, the guys at Bespoken, Joe Thiel, Jasmine and Hulian at Williamson PR for their support.

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