Monday, December 21, 2009


Featuring Francisco Van Benthum SS 2010 Collection

Name|Tommy Cox
Age|19 Years Younger
Homebase|Dirty Jersey

1. Could you tell us about your background and what your goals career-wise after modeling?
I was born in Okinawa, Japan, but grew up in dirty Jersey riding skateboards and jumping bikes. My future plans? I have no idea. I never look that far ahead. I would love to open my own bar, restaurant, or maybe a pizzeria...I love pizza!

2. What career did you want pursue prior to modeling?
My mom wanted me to pursue a career in the hairstyling industry. She used to have a hair salon business. With modeling now, that idea is taking a back seat. My mom and my stepdad have been very encouraging about my modeling career. They are my biggest fans.

3. Currently you have two tattoos. Could you tell us what these tattoos mean to you? Are you planning to get more?
The two tattoos are "Drink!" written on my chest and "One Day At A Time" on my arm. With "Drink!" I went drinking with a few friends of mine, we decided we needed to do one more stupid thing before we graduated from high school. The one on my arm is to remind me not to get ahead of myself. Life's too short to be thinking about tomorrow. Enjoy the moment you have presently. More tattoos, hell, yeah!

4. What's your favorite destination modeling has taken you? Could you share with us an outrageous experience?
Hands down, Tokyo. I would love to share the outrageous experience with your readers but I am afraid it would be unprintable. It involves quite a few individuals in a foreign land. You get the picture...

5. What's your favorite shoot you have done so far editorially?
I don't know. They all kinda feel the same after a while. I just recently returned from Japan after working there for three months. The Japanese view fashion very differently than Americans, so that was interesting for me to see.

6. If you had a choice, where would be your ideal place to be?
Anywhere where there's sun, good people, and plenty of great brew to go around.

7. Which song would best summarize you as a individual? Why this particular track?
"Tequila aka What Happened?" by Sublime. I can totally relate to it.

8. From your perspective, what are the pros and cons of being a male model? Can a model get whatever he wants?
Pros are traveling, free drinks, and access to beautiful women. Cons are Milan—I dislike being there.
I don't think a model can get everything he/she wants, unless the individual is making loads of money. I think all that matters is we get what we need.

9. Describe your personal style.

10. Your motto in life.
You only live once!

AGENT: George Brown/Dave Forthergill
IMAGES: Colin Angus/
GROOMING: Fumiakin Akagawa/
MODEL: Tommy Cox/Red
COPY EDITOR: Jonathan Shia
Special thanks to George/Dave at Red Models, Klara Verhaert at Station Service PR for Franciso Van Benthum, Colin/Diana Angus and Fumiakin Akagawa for their support.

Francisco Van
Bailey Of

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