Monday, February 1, 2010


Our Third in a Series: Model Oskar Landström
From a Distance—London, Stockholm to New York

Name|Oskar Landström



1. Models are always traveling. What are some essential items you have to have in your backpack as a means of survival?

The laptop, for sure. I can't see myself without it.

2. Gorgeous—that's a word often associated with models in general and models are constantly being told that. What do you consider gorgeous in your personal opinion?

Gorgeous...I don't think I use that word. But...nature and pureness are gorgeous!

3. What were you planning to pursue, career wise, before you started modeling?

Something aesthetic. I would never survive in an office. That would just feel like a total failure.

4. Inspiration—who inspires you? Who is your muse?

It's impossible to just pick one that inspires me. I'm luckily surrounded by a lot of inspiring people! But art in a lot of different shapes makes me inspired.

5. What’s your favorite type of junk food?


6. What's the most reckless thing you have ever done? Something you did that you knew could get you into trouble but you did it anyway for dangerous fun.

I'm not a person that does reckless things. I'm too shy.

7. What’s your favorite attire at all times?

Damir Doma, Julius, and Rick Owens.

8. Is there a song that best summarizes you as an individual?

“Untrust Us” by Crystal Castles.

9. What's the best moment in modeling for you?

The travel. I love to see all the different cities and cultures. It's incredible to have the possibility to travel this much!

10. Describe your perfect day.

Wake up late, take a bath, eat brunch, walk around in some nice stores. Maybe see a show or a movie in the evening and a nice, long dinner ending in a huge dance floor without knowing how.

11. Bonus Question: People would be surprised to know that...

I went to the Royal Swedish Ballet School and that I love dance.

AGENT: Christophe Sanchez-Vahle
IMAGES: Provided by Premier (UK)
MODEL: Oskar Landstrom/Premier (UK)
COPY EDITOR: Jonathan Shia
Special thanks to Christophe Sanchez-Vahle at Premier Model Mgmt. for his support.
Dance film, "Improvisation" provided courtesy of Premier Models.


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  2. He's already a star on the runway, now he needs more editorials! Great interview, thanks! :D