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Model Shooting Model Series:

Ned Shatzer modeling for Guy Robinson

1. How did your career in modeling begin?

I was working in a restaurant in Baltimore and my friends and family told me I should try modeling and talked about how I could make a lot of money. I went into an agency in downtown Baltimore. There was a very flamboyant guy named Michael. The first thing he asked me was, "You have a girlfriend?" I said, "Yes." He said with a snap and a twist, "You betta looooose that problem!" He looked me up and down, then said "You're goin' to Milan." The only other time I had been on an airplane was to Florida. I tried to hide the big smile on my face and replied, "When do I start?" I arrived in Milan two months later and was based in Europe for five years. I spent three years in Paris and moved to New York in 2005.

2. What is the highlight of your modeling career to date?

Every job leads to the next in some way. There are so many people involved in getting you to a "highlight" of your career that it's not fair to spit out names of clients or any one job. What I can give credit to is my mother agency Success in Paris.

3. What have you learned so far through modeling that you could share with all the young guys who are just starting in the business?

1. If you get past the first year and start making money, don't get caught up in a scene that you cannot afford. Save your cash. Buy an apartment somewhere.

2. Don't go out unless Karl is at the party. It's a bad look. An even worse look is showing up late or hungover.

3. Treat everyone at jobs, on castings, and at fashion events with respect. You never know who they are or if they will book you again.

4. If you have a hometown girlfriend, "Lose that problem." I've seen so many guys that couldn't make it past five months because they had a high school girlfriend nagging them to come home.

5. Pay your taxes, kids. Save your receipts for everything. Nothing like Uncle Sam asking you for 30k and you don't have it because you thought those clients were gonna pay by April 16th.

4. If you had to do it all again, how would you approach your career differently?

I wouldn't approach it differently. I've had the best experiences. Paris treated me very well, along with the German and Swiss clients. I think if I had gone to New York first, I wouldn't be a model now. It's a tough market. If you don't have a decent book, you will not make money. My new approach is being smarter with my money. I do wish I had kept my apartment in Paris.

5. What does “masculinity” mean to you? Is there an individual that you felt captures the essence of this word?

Hairy chest, bearded, Ned-like. Burt Reynolds, LOL.

6. Since this is a feature on model shooting model, could you describe your thoughts on the process? Did you enjoy the process or was it challenging?

I think models have a bad rep when it comes to doing anything beyond what we're labeled for. But when you really think about it, becoming a production coordinator, stylist, photographer, booker, or anything involving the fashion business, it's a very natural transition. Guy was very decisive on locations. The whole day was very Jedi. He knew what I was doing and where to be. He would move to a different angle, I would switch it up. Not a whole lot of talking, just doing what we do naturally. So it was a bit different working with him, in a good way. We work with all these talented people, it rubs off on you. Talented Guy!

7. What makes a “great” photographer?

A “great” photographer connects with you on a different level. He hangs out with you. He doesn't have an attitude. He works with great stylists. He pushes you to get that shot. He gives direction to people and communicates his vision. He knows the lights need to move because THAT looks like crap. He listens if you have input. He brings champagne to the afterparty. He says, "Let's be friends on Facebook," when you leave.

8. What photographers have you worked with that you really enjoyed collaborating with? What makes them stand out from others that you've worked with?

GL Wood|

I did a shoot recently with GL for So Chic, Laurent Dombrowicz was the stylist (who gave me my first break shooting with Mondino for Citizen K). GL was talking about how he was gonna paint on the pictures and print them out on different colored paper, just a crazy modern-art massacre. That turns me on. He also put on some Bel Biv DeVoe when I requested it. Pooooison.

Steven Lyon|

I like Steven a lot. He shoots film!! Really cool grainy black and whites. Sexy old-school style. Total LA American DUDE, fun to be around. Steven has a cool dog Rudy. My buddy. Rudy likes to model as well.

Liz Collins|

Liz is really sweet. She made me do a bunch of sit-ups and push-ups, but took the time to sit down and talk about traveling and work. You could tell Liz knew a thing or two about a thing or two, very tight operation.

Terry Richardson|

Terry had the coolest music on set. Period. Everrrr. Nice guy. My mom said if he asked to see my peen to tell somebody. Of course he didn't ask. I guess my life as a model is incomplete.

Les Deux Garçons|

Hot pictures. My favorite gays in the world. They have great energy and are fun to be around. I love their work.

Sølve Sundsbø|

Very nice and talkative. He showed me this calendar he did, it was all lights in the city, super obscure beautiful colors. An awesome artist. I'm into people who take their creativity to the limits.

Chris Nicholls|

I spent six days with Chris in Turkey for Holt Renfrew. Amazing Location + Amazing Photographer = Amazing Pictures. Chris is a really cool guy. He got me into some new bands. His assistants Clive and Branco were pure entertainment. You know you're in good hands if you don't hate anyone after spending all day every day including meals with each other.

Nadege Sanz|

Another film shooter!! Whimsical good vibes. Great food. Couscous! Yum. She's so cool.

Peter Arnell|

Peter was one of the most energetic people I've ever worked with. He screamed, "There!..There!!" every frame. That meant DO NOT move. So 80's cliché. I felt like I was in a movie. He also blasted the same three Lady Gaga songs on repeat for a two-day shoot. Over and over and over. I hate Lady Gaga now. RaRa ooh la la...shut up!

Willem Jaspert |

I worked with Willem in Iceland, a wicked London boy. Great styling from Ms. Clare Richardson (a good friend of his). It was like I met up with some old friends and went to a resort for two days to hang out. We did the Blue Lagoon swim, saw some geysers, and jumped around on some hotel beds listening to music. I had a blast. We call this work?? I love my job.

AGENT: Jody Gordon|Fusion

MODEL: Ned Shatzer|Fusion


COPY EDITOR: Jonathan Shia

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