Monday, May 17, 2010


Denim shirt by Billy Reid; belt by What Goes Around Comes Around; jeans by AG/Adriano Goldschmied

Denim shirt by Billy Reid; belt by What Goes Around Comes Around; boots by All Saints; jeans by AG/Adriano Goldschmied

Left: Black tee shirt by Comune; plaid print zipper shirt by Zero + Maria Cornejo; jeans by AG/Adriano Goldschmied; cap by Stetson; boots by All Saints
Right: Light denim shirt by Billy Reid; tie by Siki Im; waistcoat by Billy Reid; striped trouser by Robert Geller; boots by All Saints; belt by What Goes Around Comes Around

Three piece suit, shirt and tie, all by Billy Reid; hat by Stetson

Jacket by Zero + Maria Cornejo; shirt and trouser by Skender Dragovoja; hat by Robert Geller; boots by All Saints

Suede jeans and pullover sweater by Zero + Maria Cornejo; leather suspenders by Siki Im

Name|T.J. Leavey


Hometown|North Babylon, Long Island, New York

What three adjectives would you use to describe yourself?

Upbeat, optimistic, and happy.

How did you get discovered?

I got discovered by putting my photos on the Ford Models website after my hairdresser told me that I had the "look."

What do the initials for T.J. stand for?

My initials for T.J. stand for Thomas John.

What is your favorite subject in school? Least favorite?

I would say my favorite subject in school is history and my least favorite is chemistry.

What are your plans for the summer?

This summer I plan on doing the usual, which is hanging out with my friends, riding bikes, working at my mother's preschool summer camp, and just enjoying myself.

People would be surprised to know...

I eat huge amounts of food even though I'm thin.

Five things you can't live without...

My family, friends, iPod, bike, and Taco Bell.

We were informed that you are going to your junior prom soon. Care to share some of the details?

This is the first prom that I'm going to and I'm really hoping that it goes well—so wish me luck.

What's on rotation right now on your iPod?

On my current iPod rotation I have bands like Kiss, Def Leppard, and John Mellencamp.

What's on your agenda if you make a decent sum of money from modeling? What would be the first thing you would purchase as a treat for yourself?

If I were to make a decent sum of money through modeling I would probably buy myself a 2011 Ford Mustang.

What do your friends think about you entering to the world of fashion modeling?

My friends are very supportive of my entering the world of modeling. It took them a while to believe me but they're very supportive after they realized I was serious.

What makes T.J. happy?

What makes me happy can be anything from getting a good grade on a test to hanging out with my friends.

If there's a song that sums up T.J. as a individual, which song would it be, and why?

A song that sums me up as an individual would be "Dream On" by Aerosmith because my attitude with modeling is, "why not me, and I'm going to strive to reach my goals and dreams with this amazing opportunity I have been given.”

MODEL AGENT|Jesse Simon|Ford
IMAGES|Alexander Neumann|
Grooming|Anna Bernabe for Davines|
MODEL|T.J. Leavey|Ford
COPY EDITOR|Jonathan Shia
Special thanks to Jesse Simon and the men's board at Ford, Alexander Neumann, Jennifer Walker and Caroline Rosato at All Saints; Whitney Saffel at Maguire Steele; Chalin Tulyathan at LaForce - Stevens; Nicole Lando at Alison Brod PR; Gabrielle at Zero + Maria Cornejo; Corinna Springer and Michael Schwartz at Nouveau-PR; Andreas Herr at Comune and Anna Bernabe for all their support.

Zero + Maria

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Photographed on location at The National Arts Club, NYC

Shirt, striped blazer and trouser, all by Topman;
fedora hat by Bailey of Hollywood
Shirt and waistcoat, both by Dolce & Gabbana; tie by H&M
Left: Tuxedo, shirt and tie, all by Dolce & Gabbana
Right: Shirt and waistcoat, both by Dolce & Gabbana; tie by H&M
Left: Shirt, striped blazer and trouser, all by Topman;
fedora hat by Bailey of Hollywood
Right: Trench by Marc Jacobs; shirt by John Varvatos U.S.A.;
jeans by Raven Denim
Leather zipper jacket, shirt and sneakers, all by Topman; denim "Sid Skinny in Alkaline" jeans by Raven Denim; v-neck tee shirt by American Apparel
Leather zipper jacket, shirt and sneakers, all by Topman; denim "Sid Skinny in Alkaline" jeans by Raven Denim; v-neck tee shirt by American Apparel
Leather zipper jacket, shirt and sneakers, all by Topman; denim "Sid Skinny in Alkaline" jeans by Raven Denim; v-neck tee shirt by American Apparel

Name|Charlie Siem


Hometown|London, England

1. You began playing the violin at a very young age.

Do you recall your earliest memories of discovering your passion for music?

Yes, my mother always played music in the car and I remember hearing the violin and being immediately captivated—it was then that I asked for lessons.

2. Which composers do you feel most connected to? Why?

That is a hard question! Depends on my mood in many ways—I go through Bach phases, Bruckner phases, Stravinsky phases! At the moment I am relearning the solo Bach sonatas and partitas so I am very much in a Baroque frame of mind.

3. You are privileged enough to possess and play the violin of Yehudi Menuhin. How did the loan from the Elderberry Foundation come about? Of all the music that Menuhin has performed, which is your personal favorite?

It is very special to play on Yehudi Menuhin's violin—he has always been an idol of mine and I feel incredibly privileged to be able to play a violin that he loved. The Elderberry Foundation is very generous to allow me to play on this violin for a limited number of years. I love so many recordings of Menuhin—I have a live recording of the Brahms violin concerto from Royal Albert Hall during the Second World War which is fantastic and really demonstrates him playing at his peak.

4. In your spare time, what other types of music do you listen to besides classical music?

I listen to all kinds of music—hip hop, electronic, rock...In my opinion classifying music according to genre is not particularly useful—good music is good music no matter what the genre.

5. You have performed and traveled quite extensively throughout the world. Which city or country do you feel is quite memorable for you as a performing artist?

I played in Rio a few years ago which was very exciting—such a responsive audience and great atmosphere, which raises your energy as a performer. I also loved the city!

6. Recently, you traveled and performed in Havana and made a short film to document your special trip there. Could you tell us about your experience there?

Well, it was a unique experience to visit Havana with Carlos Acosta and the Royal Ballet and to get behind the scenes, so to speak, of Cuban culture. Again, I had great audiences and it was inspiring to see how positive people are despite having so little. (Editor's note: Please visit: to view the Havana short film)

7. How do you prepare yourself before a performance? Do you need to rehearse or do you prefer the performance to come through naturally?

Absolutely! Practice is an essential part of being a violinist. Each performance requires a lot of preparation in both technical and psychological terms.

8. Is there a new recording project that we should be looking out for from you in 2010?

Yes—I hope to record this summer, although I can't confirm what I will be playing yet.

9. Young people tend to think that classical music is for a mature demographic. As a young musician, what is your view of this and how would you like to change this mindset?

This is an ongoing question in “classical” music! I believe, however, that people of my generation simply haven't been exposed enough to classical music and the wizardry of violin-playing! I think that when they make this discovery they will find a new dimension that will enrich them enormously.

10. Essential listening—Please list your top five "must listen" classical recordings.

Sibelius' Violin Concerto

Bruckner's Symphony No. 8

Bach's solo Cello Suites

Schoenberg's Verklärte Nacht

Strauss' Metamorphosen

11. The music industry is going through a very unusual yet exciting time. Gone are the days where major-label backing is an absolute must, because there are many ways to get noticed. From your perspective, how does this change affect the classical arena? How do you foresee the promotion of classical music in the near future?

It certainly is an exciting time—boundaries between musical genres seem to be blurring (perhaps because of the Internet) and as a result people are open to all sorts of fresh and creative music.

12. A lot of models are using the modeling route to get into the entertainment industry. In your case, it was the opposite. How did you get signed with Select? What aspect of modeling do you find most appealing? How would you like to envision this particular side of your career in the future?

I got into it to earn some extra money to help support my career as a violinist—my manager hooked me up with Select.

13. How would you describe your style? What type of clothing do you wear in performance vs. in everyday wear?

I guess I try to be fairly smart when I perform—out of respect for the music I am playing. Otherwise I tend to dress according to how I feel!

14. Five things you cannot live without...

My violin! Good books, good food! Good health, I guess—I don't need much really!

15. People would be surprise know this about you...

I love freestyle skiing—maybe a bit stupid as a violin player, as I put my hands at risk.

Bonus Question: Your motto in life.

Take each day as it comes...but plan for the future!?!

Annie Roseberry for Siem Management
Dounia Benjelloul|Select Models (UK)
IMAGES|Minh Ngo|
GROOMING|Anna Bernabe for Davines|
Charlie Siem|Select Models (UK)
COPY EDITOR|Jonathan Shia
Special thanks to Charlie Siem; Aldon James at The National Arts Club; Dounia Benjelloul at Select Models, Annie Roseberry at Siem Management; Minh Ngo; Gio Metodiev at Dolce & Gabbana; Michael Zakrzewski at Topman; Chris and Scott at Marc Jacobs; Nathan Kovach at Exposure NY; Dennis Gleason at Company Agenda; Courtney Brooke Johnson & James Schuck at John Varvatos and Anna Bernabe for all their support.

Dolce &
John Varvatos
Bailey Of
American Apparel-www.american

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


All clothing: Topman; hat by Kangol

Name|Christian Plauche


Hometown|Lafayette, LA

How did you get discovered?

I emailed my senior pictures in to some NYC agencies and was signed by VNY.

Prior to modeling, what career or schooling were you pursuing? Are you still planning to pursue this career?

Right now I am a senior in high school. I graduate on May 22.

People would be surprised to know...

That I put ketchup on everything.

Do you have a secret talent?

I haven't discovered one yet.

Five things you can't live without:

1) Skateboarding

2) Friends

3) Family

4) Cell Phone

5) Girls

Favorite book to read:

I really liked The Watchmen comic book by Alan Moore.

If you make a substantial amount of money, what would be the first thing you will purchase for yourself?

An Aston Martin Vanquish.

Your idea of a perfect day...

Wake up whenever... Drink coffee... Watch some TV... Skateboard with my friends... See a movie... Party!.. Crash!

Is there a song that sums up what you are about as a individual? Why did you choose this song?

Everyday Same Thing by Z-ro... I chose the artist because he's on the verge of blowing up. I chose the song because its about the struggle to make it.

Do you have a nickname? How did you get it?

Tally Ho... My friend Adam randomly gave it to me after watching tv show about fox hunting.

AGENT|Carlotta Sironi|VNY
IMAGES|Colin Angus|
MODEL|Christian Plauche|VNY
Special thanks to Carlotta Sironi and VNY; Michael Zakrzewski at Topman; Jasmine D. at Siren PR and Colin/Diana Angus.