Monday, July 5, 2010


Direct From Paris

Name|Charles Guislain


Hometown|Paris, France

How did you get started your interest in fashion? Your family supports your interest? Designer/Collection that inspired you to want to be a part of fashion.

I discovered fashion by chance: I went to a Parisian store and saw the suspenders from Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane's S/S 06 collection, I said to myself: "Wow, I love that!" and started looking at the whole collection, buying magazines, etc...My family has never bullied me and has let me improve my sense of style.

Your favorite personally own wardrobe.

A black jacket bought in a second-hand shop from an old and unknown Japanese designer. It is a true pleasure to wear it with all its beautiful intricate details.

You have entered the modeling world (Agency: Major|Paris), which menswear designer collection do you envisioned yourself ideal for, as a model?

I am not the archetype of men's fashion right now, I am quite slim. I am not sure I would be ideal for any menswear collection currently. The proof is clear: I cannot find men's clothes that fits me.

Do you see a big difference? As a runway model vs. as a fashion show attendee?

It is a bit early for me to answer this question as I have never done a show on the catwalk. I think it is really interesting and informative to attend a show, but even more to see the clothes directly in the showroom. However, I love seeing the garments on the shootings and wearing incredible outfits during those moments.

Your favorite fashion look you have ever worn editorially.

Without a doubt: a gold jumpsuit which closed the Gaultier F/W 07 couture show, embroidered all over with metallic brandenbourgs, gold Eiffel Towers on the sides and a fox fur collar.

If there's someone in fashion you want to aspire to, who would that be and why did you choose this individual?

I do not know precisely what I aspire to be in the fashion industry. Right now, I am drawing, styling, modeling, shooting and sewing. That is quite a lot and I will have to choose depending on the meetings and my wishes. I deeply admire all creative people in the fashion industry, whoever they are: stylists, photographers and designers.

Could you tell us something that you think people would be very surprise to know about you?

I love eating and laughing.

As an insider, what is the biggest misconception about the fashion world, from your perspective? And the truth about the fashion world?

The biggest misconception: fashion people are superficial. At least, creative ones are not. The truth about fashion is that the pr firms are just as important as the talent.

How do you decide what to wear on a given day...what process do you have to go through to make your decision?

It is really simple to dress myself in the morning, as I go to school 6 days a week and have to wear collar tops, straight pants and classic shoes, the choice is limited. Otherwise, my choices are not fixed, except one thing: the aspiration to be different and to feel completely comfortable in my chosen looks.

You have plans to attend Central Saint Martins for fashion design. When you have the opportunity to design your own personal collection, could you define what direction would you go into?

It is funny you ask this question because I finished yesterday a satin silk blouse, sleeveless, with a tailcoat, cut on the shoulders and a high collar. It is easy to wear, elegant ; I could dance with it, the smoothness of the fabric on my skin is beyond compare. It is exactly what I am looking for: a true pleasure. A pleasure that will draw a big smile to a womans' mouth...Utopic, no?

What's on your fashion radar for the forthcoming Spring/Summer 2011 season?

This is always a hard question. I think today, there is no one and only trend, you have the choice. However, I think the Celine's direction is convincing, showing a new aspect of luxury.

What makes Charles happy?

Meetings out of which rise creativity, beauty and happiness.

All clothing, from Charles' own personal wardrobe.

AGENT|Rodger|Major (Paris)
IMAGES|Agnese Mazzenzana|
MODEL|Charles Guislain|Major Models (Paris)
Special thanks to Rodger at Major Models (Paris), Agnese and Charles for their time, creativity and support.


  1. Very, very interesting interview, though I feel like some concepts have been lost with the clash of languages (French/English), and I say so as a French speaker myself. Nonetheless, infos were pertinent and I have to thank you for this article :)

  2. I have come to this post somewhat out-of-date. Therefore, one observes the reading and perusing of old-hat stuff above of an apparent advertised demoiselle several months on is now to be regarded totally passé. Pardon moi.

  3. I love eating and laughing ... indeed, Charles is a thoroughly happy and focused young guy. But what does he eat - pretzels? He is the archetypal waif - but this worries him not one jot. He is one to watch - there is something enchanted and enchanting about him.