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Faces to watch for the forthcoming
NY Fashion Week|S|S 2011 Collections.
Coat by G-Star
Left: Coat by G-Star
Right: Shirt by Yohji Yamamoto; skinny tie, navy surplus store;
trouser by Alexander McQueen; belt, stylist's own
Left: Blazer by Alexander McQueen
Right: Vintage shirt by Thierry Mugler;
wide sweat pants by Raf Simons; sneakers, Tretorn
Left: Blazer by Alexander McQueen; tee shirt by Cheap Monday
Right: Vintage shirt by Thierry Mugler
Left: Fragrance by Hugo Boss
Right: Shorts by Frank Dandy
Left: Coat by G-Star; Shirt by Yohji Yamamoto; skinny tie,
navy surplus store; trouser by Alexander McQueen;
belt, stylist's own
Right: Coat by G-Star; vintage leather shirt, stylist's own

Name|Logan Stockwell


Hometown|New York City

How did you get into modeling?

I was stopped outside my job by some guy who asked if I modeled. I said, No...but if you've got contacts I'll take them. The rest kind of just followed. I am enjoying it so far...

John Tan Casting found out that your mom had an amazing modeling career—can you tell us about it?

Did having a former successful model as a parent motivate you to become a model?

Yeah, my mom Bonnie Berman was a pretty big model in the '80s. She graced the covers of Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire. She started with Click and then helped start Bethann Management with Bethann Hardison. To be honest, my mother always kind of discouraged me from modeling. In retrospect, I feel as though she always really wanted to do something more with her life. But for what it was at the time she enjoyed it. I feel like I was never too keen on modeling until I understood it could be a great opportunity to express myself, travel, and meet interesting people. I guess you can't fight genes.

What do you like most about modeling so far?

Well it's still really only the beginning stages. I would say I'm just starting out, but so far I've gotten to be exposed to much more of the city going to castings and shoots. Even though I grew up here I find places I would never have seen if not for modeling.

How did you spend your summer?

This summer, I spent a lot of time working, wandering through the city with my girlfriend, and going out to Long Island. It's been a pretty relaxed summer. We'll see what the fall brings...

Since modeling is still quite new for you, is there any advice you have been given about this business that you will follow?

The advice I have received from most people close to me is not to take this business too seriously and not to get caught up in it all. I can say that I'm not too worried.

Describe your personal style.

My personal style is simple but eclectic. A roommate in college once deemed it beach casual. Gradually though, I can feel my style evolving to be more edgy.

What are some of your favorite places for going out in New York City?

A couple months ago, I was frequenting places like 1 Oak, Butter, and Tenjune. But lately, I have been laying low, going to places like Macao Trading Co. and other places in my neighborhood.

IMAGES|Howard Chu|
AGENT|Jesse Simon|Ford
MODEL|Logan Stockwell|Ford
COPY EDITOR|Jonathan Shia
Special thanks to Jesse Simon & the team at Ford Models; Christine Chu and Ryan Nelson; Carl at Frank Dandy; Heather Hayhurst at The News; Michelle Wang at G-Star and PR team at Tretorn.

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