Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is a rerun of a Q&A JTC did with Patrick Wessel back in April of 2010. May his special soul rest in peace.

Name|Patrick Wessel


Hometown|Beautiful Arcadia Valley, Missouri

How did you get discovered?

Photographer Clarke Tolton saw me at a 4th of July party on a Manhattan rooftop and asked me to do a test shoot with him...so I had pics but then I had absolutely no idea how to get an agent. I sat on the pictures for a while (well...I didn't...literally...sit on them, you see, I...figuratively...sat on them, but, well....you know what I mean. Er, right.) and finally called up Next. Emailed the pics to them and the very next day I had a contract in my hands (literally). I wish I had gone to them a lot sooner!

Prior to modeling, what career or schooling were you pursuing? Are you still planning to pursue this career?

I majored in entrepreneurship at Saint Louis University and took a lot of acting classes. I have no idea why I studied entrepreneurship, because I am not a businessman at all. Then I was extremely close to joining the Navy to become a lawyer when I realized I would always regret not trying to be a film actor (my dream since I was a wee boy). And you gotta make yourself happy, otherwise one day you'll just die and realize what a fool you were by not making the most of your brief life. It's all about happiness, man. So I moved to NYC. I will continue to pursue acting work with vigor. I have a long list of big dreams and I think modeling and acting will definitely help me get there.

People would be surprised to know...

I've never tripped and fallen in my life. Even if I trip over something and am on my way down, I can right myself (without a knee or hand ever hitting the ground). It's pretty incredible.

Do you have a secret talent?

Well, I don't know if this could be classified as a talent, but ya, when I get angry, my birthmark becomes vibrant. It's a (usually undetectable) purple V-shaped triangle under the skin on my forehead that appears only on special occasions. Apparently it's called the "Mark of Caesar" because Julius Caesar had the same thing. And legend has it, anyone who bears it will become extremely powerful someday. Rock and roll. The only thing is, I don't really get angry anymore because I don't see the point, so I guess it's become even more of a secret the last few years. But if you want a real skill, I'd say fire-building. When it's published in spring 2011, I'll be credited in Sarah Huck and Jaimee Young's camping cookbook as the "fire-building expert" for my assistance in their work. That will be very exciting!

Five things you can't live without:

I like to think that I'm not addicted to anything and could live without anything but water. But I'll give this tough question a try...

1. "Walk and Talks"...every single evening, my sister, my brother-from-another-mother (her husband Ronan), and I go for 1 to 2 hour walks all the while talking about loads of subjects. On really good days it can turn into a 7 hour walk or so. The saying goes, "Walking is also an ambulation of mind."

2. Jumbling Towers' music.

3. My MacBook Pro...I do a lot of productive stuff on it. For instance, I learned the basics of Flash and even made my own website from scratch (www.patrickwessel.com).

4. My family is pretty dang incredible.

5. Water...or, as I call it, "the nectar of the gods." A lot of people drink coffee in the morning to wake up, but you just give me a glass of ice water and I'll be ready to go.

Is there a song that sums up what you are about as a individual? Why did you choose this song?

"He's A Cop Now" by Jumbling Towers. It's pretty offbeat (not offbeat as in "they-can't-play-on-the-beat" offbeat, but offbeat in a good way. I think you know what I mean.). Actually, you could say any song by Jumbling Towers but that was first song I heard by them. They're a fresh-to-death rock and roll band from St. Louis, MO, and they're without a doubt my favorite band. They make dance-y rock and roll, and I like to bust a move. I don't think people dance enough at rock and roll concerts, but Jumbling Towers makes that easier.

What is the most reckless thing you have ever done?

Ha, I don't know if I want to talk about this expansively, but I don't think I'll be scaling the sides of any more buildings. I'm really good at it, as my friend Meghann can attest, but I think I'll save that special skill for emergencies.

IMAGES|Della Bass|www.dellabass.com
MODEL|Patrick Wessel|Next
GROOMING|Kelsy Lilian Osterman|www.eclecticoiffeur.com

Special thanks to Della Bass; Elayne, Matt and all at Next Men.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Name|AJ English
Hometown|Boise, Idaho

AJ's Top Five Root Beers:
Americana Microcrafted

IMAGES|Howard Chu|www.howardchustudio.com
MODEL|AJ English|Next LA
Special thanks to Christine Chu and Ryan Nelson.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Inspired by Cole Porter and Morrissey
On Joe: Tuxedo by Next; dress shirt by All Saints; lace bow hairband worn as bow tie by Topshop; pearl necklaces and bracelets by Mini Diamond
On Laurie: Tuxedo by Topman; dress shirt with piping by Next;
bow tie & pocket square, both by Tie Rack
On Joe: Blazer and lace fingerless gloves, both by Primark; trouser by Topman; dress shirt by French Connection; jeweled headband worn as necklace by Topshop
On Laurie: Tuxedo jacket by Next; dress shirt with piping by Next; trouser by Topman; pearls, stylist's own; bow tie and pocket square, both by Tie Rack; earring by Mini Diamond
On Laurie: Tuxedo by Next; granddad shirt by All Saints; necklace, model's own; pearl earring by Mini Diamond; fingerless leather gloves by Primark
On Joe: Dress shirt by All Saints; trouser by Topman; pearls, stylist's own; lace flower necklace by Topshop; fingerless leather gloves by Primark
On Joe: Cape by French Connection; dress shirt by Reiss; trouser by Next; bow tie by Topman; all jewelry by Mini Diamond

On Joe: Suit by Topman; dress shirt by Reiss; pocket square by Tie Rack; necklace and lace bow headband worn as bow tie, both by Topshop; earring by Mini Diamond

AGENTS|Joe Flemming|Christophe Sanchez-Vahle|Premier;
Laurie Belgrave|Sherrill Smith|Models 1
MODELS|Joe Flemming|Premier; Laurie Belgrave|Models 1
LOCATION|Strawberry Moons, Heddon Street, London|http://www.strawberrymoonsbar.co.uk
Special thanks to Christophe Sanchez-Vahle at Premier; Sherrill Smith at Models 1 and to Darren Black for his enthusiastic contribution and support from London.

Tie Rack-www.tie-rack.co.uk
All Saints-www.us.allsaints.com
French Connection-http://usa.frenchconnection.com

Friday, October 8, 2010


Name|Peter Bruder


Hometown|Frankfurt, Germany

Do you recall your favorite toy when you are a young kid? Who gave it to you?

I remember a cuddly toy gorilla named Buba. Santa once gave it to me on Christmas and until today he has his place of honor in my old room.

When did you get this backpack with Elmo on it? Why did you choose it? What's the feedback or reaction you have gotten from carrying this backpack?

I needed something to carry my book during fashion week. So I decided to buy a small backpack in a little store in Chinatown. Once inside the store, I asked the sales person where the cheapest backpacks were located. After some bargaining, this colorful Elmo backpack was mine. I have been carrying it everywhere. I have been getting a very happy reaction from everyone.

What are some of things you must have whenever you are traveling with your backpack?

Not very much...a bottle of water, a book, my casting utensils, and sometimes a camera.

What are your prize possessions?

My key necklace—which is broken at the moment :( —all my clothes, my hat, my camera, and of course my lovely MacBook.

What are your thoughts on New York?

I really like New York, it is quite different than being in Europe. New York has its own distinctive charm. I am still exploring the city. Almost every day New York will surprise me with something new. That's what I like most about this city.

Since you have travel so much for modeling, what's your favorite city you have been to and why?

Barcelona or Berlin. I can't really say which one I like more. They're both open and colorful cities with very friendly and interesting people. I am very comfortable with the way they live and I will definitely be visiting these cities again very soon.

Describe your perfect day. What would you be doing?

Surrounded by people I love, and if I can go to places that I have never experienced before, then that would be a perfect day for me.

AGENT|Chris Forberg|DNA
MODEL|Peter Bruder|DNA
COPY EDITOR|Jonathan Shia
Special thanks to Chris Forberg & everyone at DNA Men, model Peter Bruder for sharing his favorite backpack, Elmo with JTC.