Wednesday, February 16, 2011


All clothing from All Saints; Comune and Carlos Campos
Name|Dylan McLane


Hometown|Pennington, New Jersey

How did you get discovered?

I was walking through my local mall and a scout from V.I.P. talent search approached me. Through V.I.P., I went to an event and met my agent Ryan Colby

Items that are always with me when I am traveling :

Iphone—my best friend, I would be lost without it!

Favorite places you have been to:

New York, hope to travel a lot more through modeling

People would be surprised to know that I...

watch a lot of Japanese anime!

Favorite dish to eat:

Italian, especially Vodka Rigatoni and bread!

What type of music do you like listening to?

A huge array of music—from Kings of Leon, Incubus and City and Colour to Dub Step, such as Bassnectar and Flux Pavilion

If you had to choose a song that would best describe you as an individual, what song would it be?

The End by Kings Of Leon

Do you have a lucky charm?

My wallet—I had this wallet since middle school. To have the same wallet for eight years and still functioning is lucky in itself.

What are you most obsessed about?

My hair—I am extremely picky and will not leave my house until I feel my hair is just right

What irritates you?

When people are controlling or uses the possessive vibe when text messaging me

Your favorite curse word...and why?

FUCK—it is so versatile and it goes so well in just about every good or bad situation! Sorry, Mom!

What turns you on? What turns you off?

Turn on: A good kisser

Turn off: Bad breath and bad body odor

What's your favorite pickup line?

"Hey girl, you're mad sexy!" Then I give the gun and the wink, of course!

Describe your personal style.

Classy. I am usually dress in a nice sweater, trousers and dress shoes

What is your new year wish for 2011 and resolution?

Travel more and do well in school

MODEL AGENTS|Ryan Colby|Colby Models

MODEL|Dylan McClane |Colby Models
Special thanks to Ryan Colby at Colby Models for his support; Dylan McClane for traveling from Jersey to NYC for this shoot on the busiest day of fashion week casting.

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