Thursday, July 7, 2011



Clothing: suit, t-shirt and trouser, all by Buckler; sneakers by RARE MAN; denim shirt by H&M
Name|Jon Paul


Hometown|Wellington, Florida

How did you get discovered?

My model friend, Rachel Clarke asked if I would send in some pics of myself to her agency at hour later, I was on the phone with the agency

What were you doing prior to modeling?

Playing music with various artists, had an odd job as a delivery boy

People would be surprised to know that I...

love jazz

What's your latest obsession?

Vintage fender jazz basses 1961-1965

Your most prize possession?

It's a tie between my American fender fretless jazz bass or my fender Jaguar bass

Growing up, who did you look up to as your hero?

Bass player Jaco Pastorius

When is the last time you said "I Love You" to someone?

This morning to my girlfriend

Your favorite place you have travel to

Grand Canyon...honestly, I'm a huge fan at any place that's a desert!

Your favorite scene from a film

Indiana Jones, Raiders Of The Lost Ark or Shawshank Redemption—All the scenes are great!

Describe your personal style

1950's greaser meets Native American with a bit of class, brands like Levi's and Ralph Lauren are what I like as part of my wardrobe

Your favorite sport or sports figure


Team—Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox and Miami Heat

If there's a destination or item you would recommend us to check out or visit about your native country/city or town, what would you recommend?

I love Americana in general...I strongly suggested anyone who is foreign to try a BBQ cheese burger! It's unbeatable!

Your favorite song/artist

I love all types of music, if I have to choose, these are my favorite tracks:

Everyday by Buddy Holly

Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash

Barracuda, Capital Of The World by Oceana

Blue Bossa by Mccoy Tyner—Entire lp

What is your new year wish for 2011?

To be able to get a fashion campaign from modeling and travel a lot more than I would like to...

MODEL AGENT|Jesse Simon|Ford Models

MODEL|Jon Paul|Ford Models
Special thanks to Jon Paul from Ford Models and the mens board at Ford for their support; Evan Tye at Factory pr; Jon for the impromptu shoot!




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