Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Name|Charlie Bram Alexander


Hometown|Melbourne, Australia

How did you get discovered?

I was scouted through facebook

What were you doing prior to modeling?

Studying film making

People would be surprised to know that I...

love horses

What's your latest obsession?

Listening to Otis Redding

Your most prize possession?

My iMac and iPod

Growing up, who did you look up to as your hero?

I'm not sure...I wanted to be someone, but I really wanted to meet J.R.R. Tolkien

When is the last time you said "I Love You" to someone?

To my parents

Three adjectives that best describes you...

Loving, soulful and ambitious

Describe your personal style

Simple. I love the colors blue and brown—nothing too over the top!

Your favorite place you have travel to

New York City!

Your favorite film

There are so many films but two stands out:

Lord of the Rings Trilogy and

Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now—

Scenes featuring Marlon Brando

Your favorite sport or sports figure

Not a huge sports fan but I'll go with Australian football—The Bombers and player James Hird

If there's a destination or item you would recommend us to check out or visit about your native country/city or town, what would you recommend?

Melbourne, Australia—Recommend go to Melbourne's laneways for a late breakfast!

Your favorite song/artist

Hey Jude by The Beatles

What is your wish for 2012?

More love in the world!

MODEL AGENT|AGENCY: Mario Acquarulo|Wilhelmina



MODEL|Charlie Alexander|Wilhelmina

Special thanks to Mario Acquarulo and the men's board at Wilhelmina; Charlie for the wait!

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