Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Suit by Acne; coat and tie, both by Bespoken; polo shirt and dress shirt, both by Trovata; sunglasses by Orgreen; all other clothing, Diego's own
Name|Diego Schibeloske


Hometown|Curitiba, Brazil

How did you get discovered?

I went with a good friend of mine to her agency because she needed to pickup some job sheets. The director of her agency asked if I would like to be a model and I said, why not?

What were you doing prior to modeling?

I was playing football (soccer) back in Brazil and studying business administration at university

People would be surprised to know that I...

have a very strong personality. When you first meet me you might see me one way but then once you get to know me, I am sure your first general impression will change for sure!

What's your latest obsession?

I just got back from Brazil and my last day there I spent on a lake with my uncle's jet ski. The memory of water jet skiing stayed in my mind for the past week!

Your most prize possession?

My soul—I think it is priceless!

Growing up, who did you look up to as your hero?

It might sound cliche but it is definitely my dad. He worked hard his entire life and provide for the family makes me want to be like him when I get older!

When is the last time you said "I Love You" to someone?

It might be 10 minutes ago. I like to say "I Love You" to the people I care about. Everyone should do it all the time!

Three adjectives that best describes you...

Friendly, loving and thoughtful

Describe your personal style

A mix of all things...just depends on my mood

Your favorite place you have travel to

New York City, for sure!

Your favorite film

Into The Wild—The idea of leaving everything behind in your life and go live in the wild is an amazing thought!

Your favorite sport or sports figure

Sport: Football (Soccer), I am Brazilian, so of course it's gotta be this sport!

If there's a destination or item you would recommend us to check out or visit about your native country/city or town, what would you recommend?

Curitiba, Brazil—Go visit all the natural environments!

Your favorite song/artist

Anything by The Strokes andJohnny Cash

Your greatest moment in modeling so far...for you

A perfume campaign beach shoot in Thailand! Everyone was so chilled!

What is your wish for 2012?


MODEL AGENT|AGENCY: Mario Acquarulo|Wilhelmina



MODEL|Diego Schibeloske|Wilhelmina

Special thanks to Mario Acquarulo and the men's board at Wilhelmina; Whitney Saffel at Maguire Steele PR; Amanda Greenfield at Williamson PR; Nathaniel Hinton at PR Consulting; Diego for the wait and doing the shoot with JTC!

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