Thursday, September 6, 2012


Max Rendell|DNA

Clement Chabernaud|Wilhelmina

Aiden Andrews|Ford

Thomas Penfound|Soul Artist

Charlie France|New York

Benjamin Jarvis|Tomorrow Is Another Day

Beau Buckley|Red/Citizen

Benjamin Eidem|ReQuest

John Hein|Ford

Sebastian Brice|Ford

Adrian Bosch|Ford

Jake Shortall|Major

Philipp Bierbaum|New York

Chris Beek|Wilhelmina

Jeremy Young|DNA

Sung Jin|Wilhelmina

Fernando Cabral|Fusion

Yuri Pleskin|ReQuest

James Smith|Wilhelmina

Alexander Beck|DNA

Baptiste Radufe|ReQuest

Yannick Abrath|Wilhelmina

Max Von Isser|Fusion

Taylor Cowan|Wilhelmina


STYLIST: David Vandewal|Art & Commerce

CASTING: John Tan|JTC Casting

HAIR: James Pecis|D+V Management

MAKEUP: Benjamin Puckey|D+V Management

Siki Im & David Vandewal for the trust and opportunity.

Special thanks to all the great models, agencies|agents for their generous support:

Alisa Post at New York Models; Jesse Simon at Ford; Lindsey Le Garrec at Soul Artist; Carlotta Sironi at DNA; Jenelle Phillip at Wilhelmina; Shawn Zane & Taylor Cook at Fusion; Samuel Zakuto & Gaspard Lukali at ReQuest; Nico and Eva at Tomorrow Is Another Day and Dave Fothergill & George Brown at Red Citizen.

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