Thursday, December 5, 2013



Name|Wouter Van Den Bosch
Hometown|Amsterdam, Holland

How did you get discovered?
I was scouted in Amsterdam at a summer festival organized by friends of mine, my booker walked up to me and asked me if I was interested in modeling. She gave me her card and so the adventure began.
What were you doing prior to modeling?
Before I started my professional modeling career, I was a student at university majoring in economics
People would be surprised to know that I...
See below!
What's your latest obsession?
After the New York City Marathon, I am now training for the Iron Man 70.3 in Berlin 2014: 1,9 km swim, 90km bike and 21,2 km run.
Your most prize possession?
My family, friends and health
Growing up, who did you look up to as your hero?
My father, the most dedicated, loving and caring father I can wish for
When is the last time you said, "I Love You" to someone?
To my girlfriend when she left New York this weekend to Amsterdam
Three adjectives that best describes you:
Enthusiastic, Spontaneous and Challenging
Describe your personal style:
British rock and edge, directional clothing with a muted palette dominated by blacks, browns, whites and greys
Your favorite place you have travel to:
Asia: Have traveled through the countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Singapore. The culture, the people, the food and the experience of these countries are breathtaking and memorable!
Your favorite film and scene from the film:
I listened to techno/tech-house and disco house a lot. My brother and a friend of his are deejays together (Shmlss & Haarbaarbaar) and I love going to their performances. I also love to watch documentaries. For example: Earth, The Cove and Man On Wire. I am also addicted to series like Dexter and Entourage
Your favorite sport:
Sport: Tennis
Player: Novak Djokovic
If there's a destination or item you would recommend us to check out or visit about your native country/city or town, what would you recommend?
Amsterdam, Holland—All you need in Amsterdam is a bike or a boat travel over the small streets or cruise the canals. My favorite spot for lunch is Buffet van Odette on the Prinsengracht 598, and shopping in the 9 Straatjes at Acne, Filippa K and All Saints. Every night there is a great dj performing somewhere in the city, so you can always have a good time and have a great dance!
If you were given a indie cable show, which song would you choose as your opening theme song?
Stand By Me by BB King
Favorite moment in modeling:
I loved a lot of shootings that I have done. Especially the ones that requires me to travel. My most memorable shoot was a trip for a Dutch brand to Cape Town. I will never forget standing at this amazing Tabel Mountain and feeling so blessed being able to see such incredible things while doing my job!
Your wish for the remainder of 2013?
That my friends and family stay healthy and happy! Besides that, I still hope to travel as much as possible! There's still a lot for me to explore!

MODEL|Wouter Van Den Bosch|Ford
Special thanks to Jesse Simon and the men's board at Ford; Wouter for his time and rushing to meet JTC in between castings! More images coverage on our next meet up!

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