Tuesday, October 14, 2014



Name|Robert J.C. McKinnon
Hometown|Berkshire, England

How did you get discovered?
I went shopping in London for the day and I got approached by two guys in Tottenham Court Road station who asked me if I was a model so I said I wasn't and they asked me to contact their agency. And now I am signed with them. As are the two guys, Harry Smart and Harry Bowen.
What were you doing prior to modeling?
I was studying German, Sociology and English language at college.
People would be surprised to know that I...
watched America's Next Model religiously with my housemates.
What's your latest obsession?
Mango flavored drink from Arizona
Your most prize possession?
My first tattoo
Growing up, who did you look up to as your hero?
When is the last time you said, "I Love You" to someone?
Model Laurie Harding, about an hour ago, before I left the apartment
Adjective that best describes you:
Sad looking but happy
Describe your personal style:
Black/white with grey in moderation, skinny jeans
Your favorite place you have travel to:
Tokyo and Shanghai
Your favorite film and scene from the film:
Forrest Gump—Scene: Elvis in the shop window
Your favorite sport:
Sport: Soccer
Team: Chelsea
Player: Fabregas
If there's a destination or item you would recommend us to check out or visit about your native country/city or town, what would you recommend?
Berkshire, England—All the pubs in my town: The Prince, Crowthorne Inn, Rose & Crown, Bird In Hand, Village Inn, The Swan, The Wellington Arms, Rackstraws and The Jolly Farmer
If you were given a indie cable show, what type of show would it be? Which song would you choose as your opening song?
A comedy panel show. Settle Down by 1975
Favorite moment in modeling:
Making people happy after the Dior Homme show in Shanghai just by signing an autograph or taking a picture with someone!
Your wish for the remainder of 2014?
I'd have Merritt come visit me in NYC!

Clothing: All polo shirts and jacket by Raf Simons for Fred Perry; sweatshirt by Kenzo; plaid shirt by Dr. Martens; shiny zipper jacket by G-Star; black jeans by Baldwin Jeans; sneakers by Saint Laurent

MODEL AGENTS|AGENCIES: Shawn Zane|Fusion Models
(UK Agency) Charlie Clark|Supa Model Management
MODEL|Robbie McKinnon|Fusion Models
Special thanks to Shawn Zane and the men's board at Fusion Models; Bennett Polen at Fred Perry; Paige Bradford at Exposure PR; Robbie for his time and fun conversations with JTC!

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