Friday, January 2, 2015


All Images|Styling|Casting: John Tan

Special Thanks:
To all the agents, agencies and pr showrooms for their support by providing me with all the great models/clothing to feature.

To all the designers, photographers and stylists who entrusted their shows for me to casted this year.

To all the great creative collaborators and talents who participated/contributed to Visual Tales Magazine! Couldn't have done the 2014 issues without your generous efforts!

To all the models I have the privilege to meet, interviewed and photographed in 2014, thanks for your time and sharing all of your stories with JTC! It's been great getting to know each and everyone of you! I wish all of you great success in 2015!

To everyone who check out this blog on a regular basis, thanks for your continuing support!

Here's to more exciting adventures in 2015! Happy New Year!
—JTC Casting|Visual Tales Magazine

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