Monday, May 9, 2016


Name|Marcus Sivyer
Hometown|South London, England

What other interests are you into besides modeling? I am a photography student so I enjoyed photographing people around the streets of London. I even enjoyed using public transport so I can take pictures of grumpy people that rides the London underground daily.
Favorite pastime: I like to cook, ride my Fixie bike and play my guitar. I write cringe songs but it is fun.
Who you would love to meet through modeling? I would love to meet designer Raf Simons, I know there is no chance in hell I will, but I admired the man and his collections.
Favorite brand of clothing: I have so many but I am gonna have to say Carhartt. They have dope denim, their stuff is tough and I buy it for the design, not the logo.
Idea for a perfect day: Heading down to Eton and swimming in the clean parts of the Thames before it hits London. That is of course, if the sun is out.
Instagram: @marcussivyer

Andrew Garratt|Select Models (London)
DIGITALS|Provided by Select Models (London)
MODEL|Marcus Sivyer|Select Models (London)
Special thanks to Andrew Garratt and the men's board at Select Models (London); Marcus for taking the time to answer this short Q&A, hope to meet you soon one day!

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