Friday, June 3, 2016


Name: Carl King 
Age: 19
Hometown: Portsmouth, England

Interests besides modeling: I enjoy writing. I am currently writing my very first book at the moment on the lifestyle and experiences of a 21st century teenager. I love being around creative people so modeling is perfect in that sense as fashion is full of creative people and it gives me many ideas and stories that I like to write about. 
Favorite pastime: Its hard too be able to keep a regular hobby as I am constantly moving around with work however, one thing I have over the last six months been able too keep up is running. One of my favorite parts about modeling is traveling and being able to run around a city like Paris at 9AM from the Opera all the way too the Eiffel Tower or from Moscova too Duomo in Milan and some of the magnificent parks these beautiful cities have to offer. It makes an activity like running a pleasant hobby instead of a chore. 
Who would you love to meet through modeling: Very interesting question, I have never really thought about this. Personally and some people are going to read this and be like, NO WAY but I would love to meet Kanye just because for me, I think his clothes and shoes are dope. It's amazing that someone has taken a different path in their career when they could have stuck to what they are already good at. Obviously for him, that was music but he took a risk and decided to try designing and it paid off as Yeezy. It was named trainer of the year. I think thats a pretty respectful act for someone to take a risk like that when they didn’t need too. Besides fashion, Kanye West for me is the best rapper on the planet, College Dropout and Graduation are THE dopest albums ever made in my eyes. So yeah I'll love too meet Kanye!
Favorite brand: This has recently changed, before I would have said Palace and I still love Palace as I believe they are the king of street wear at the moment. Obviously, it is a skater brand but they offer long t-shirts and baggy jumpers. They are completely my sort of style. I also love how they are always collaborating with other dope brands like Adidas and Reebok to keep a edgy exciting appearance to their clothes. However, since coming to Asia, I have discovered the brand Bape as in the UK Bape is super hard to get. I believe they only sell in Selfridges and Harrods but in Hong Kong, where I have been for last three months, they have a Bape store and the clothes are so cool the design is super bold colors like green and yellow and super comfy to wear too!
Idea of a perfect day: At the beach on a nice sunny day with a cold beer a pack of cigs and a BBQ and some hot chicks. Simple.
Instagram: CarlKing96 

Patrick Egbon-Marshall|AMCK Models (London)
DIGITALS|Provided by AMCK Models (London)
MODEL|Carl King|AMCK Models (London)
Special thanks to Patrick Egbon-Marshall and the men's board at AMCK Models (London); Carl for taking the time to answer this short Q&A from Hong Kong, hope to meet you soon one day!

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