Thursday, July 28, 2016


Name|Theo Neilson
Hometown|London, England

What other interests are you into besides modeling? 
I like to paint and draw in my free time. Mostly portraits but I also make collages from magazines or little designs that I come across that I like. I am interested in film at the moment so I am trying to learn as much as I can and get work experience.
Who you would love to meet through modeling? 
Not really sure who I would bump into...Meeting Pharrell Williams would be  really cool and maybe he could turn up at a show I am in.
Favorite pastime:
Rock-climbing. I've been climbing for about six years now. I find it really good exercise whilst being more exciting than going to a regular gym. I have also recently gotten quite a few of my friends at university into it which makes it a lot of fun.
Favorite brand of clothing: 
I wouldn't say I am much of a loyalist. However, Uniqlo is my go to for the essentials and I have quite a collection of Doc Martens now!
Favorite moment in modeling:
Doing my first campaign for the new Saint Laurent
(with designer Anthony Vaccarello and photographer Collier Schorr)
Idea for a perfect day: 
Renting some mopeds in India or somewhere in SouthEast Asia with some friends to go explore the country side for the day. Then in the evening, end up at a bar by the beach.
Instagram: @tommy_harragan

Andrew Garratt|Select Models (London)
DIGITALS|Provided by Select Models (London)
MODEL|Theo Neilson|Select Models (London)
Special thanks to Andrew Garratt and the men's board at Select Models (London); Theo for taking the time to answer this short Q&A, hope to meet you soon one day!

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