Thursday, September 22, 2016



Name|Eddie Tyler
Hometown|Lynchburg, Virginia

How did you get discovered?
I submitted my photographs to MSA Models and met the team there.
What were you doing prior to modeling?
I worked as a server at a local restaurant.
People would be surprised to know that I...
have been told I resemble actor Jared Leto and I am one of the few individuals who can lick their own elbow.
What's your latest obsession?
Discovering old recording artists' recordings.
Your most prize possession?
My grandfather's ring from the Philippines. He was stationed there during the Vietnam War.
Growing up, who did you look up to as your hero?
My mom, she was always so diligent when it came to taking care of her children.
When is the last time you said, "I Love You" to someone?
To my mom, I love you!
Three adjectives that best describes you:
Caring, Adventurous, Passionate
Describe your personal style:
Based on my mood, 80's rock and roll one day, modern street wear the next.
Your favorite place you have travel to:
Grand Canyon
Your favorite film and scene from the film:
Any films by Quentin Tarantino, major fan!
Your favorite sport:
Sport: Snowboarding
If there's a destination or item you would recommend us to check out or visit about your native country/city or town, what would you recommend?
Lynchburg, Virginia—We have the only North American Snowflex. Snowboard and ski any time of the year!
If you were given a indie cable show, what type of show would it be? Which song would you choose as your theme song?
A cop show where I was a detective. Chuck Norris style. Theme song: Act A Fool by DMX
Craziest thing you have ever done:
Drove and camped all the way from Virginia to Los Angeles!
Your wish for the remainder of 2016?
To enjoy everyday with the people I love. To cherish the life I have been given.

Clothing: All clothing provided by Medium Concepts Showroom SS2016 and Fingers Crossed SS2016

Dani Bongiorno|MSA Models
GROOMING|Pascale Poma
MODEL|Eddie Tyler|MSA Models
Special thanks to Dani Bongiorno and the men's board at MSA; Ryu Hayama at Fingers Crossed; Paul Conrad at Medium Concepts showroom; Pascale Poma for grooming; Eddie for the longest wait ever to get this blog feature to post at JTC! Thanks for doing this shoot!

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