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Name|Gordon Winarick
Hometown|Linwood, New Jersey

How did you get discovered?
I was dumping ice into a bucket while I was a server at a restaurant. A gentleman gave me his card and said I should consider modeling.
What were you doing prior to modeling?
I had left my studies at Penn State, and had moved down to Florida where I was one hell of a server at a farm to table eatery. 
People would be surprised to know that I...
I played trumpet in a jazz band and orchestra for five years.
Your instagram name:
@gogetgordon Someone was sent into a room to get me and they kept repeating "Go get Gordon!" The handle was born.
What's your latest obsession?
I have been studying the Meisner acting technique, that takes up most of my mind these days.
Your most prize possession?
Watches—My grandfather is 91 and worked as watchmaker and jeweler everyday. He will see a watch that reminds him of me then give it to me next time we see each other. Whenever I wear them I think of him and my family. Purely sentimental!
Growing up, who did you look up to as your hero?
My pubic hero is Derek Jeter. He always played really hard and carried himself with pride and class. Two things I still admire. 
When is the last time you said, "I Love You" to someone?
My mother, every morning. Love that woman!
Three adjectives that best describes you:
Loving, Open Minded, Classy
Describe your personal style:
Sharp and timeless. I will try wear things that are made well and stand the test of time. Heavily influenced by music and musicians (Frank Sinatra, rock and roll and hip hop). At the end of the day, my favorite piece is a well made tailored suit, can't go wrong.
Your favorite place you have travel to:
In the States, Lake Tahoe. I've never felt more at peace. You have this huge crystal clear lake with mountains in the backdrop. It takes your breath away. Abroad, Stockholm, Sweden. Crisp fresh city with architecture that has great personality. People were lovely and the coffee was on point.
Your favorite film and scene from the film:
True Romance—Scene: The scene where actor James Gandolfini  was flipping this zipper lighter, smiling, while talking about the first time he had killed someone. It gave me chills.
Your favorite sport:
Sport: Baseball
Team: New York Yankees
Player: Derek Jeter
If there's a destination or item you would recommend us to check out or visit about your native country/city or town, what would you recommend?
Linwood, New Jersey—Longport, New Jersey. It's aperfect little beach twon about ten minutes from home. Go down 4th Street , all the way to the bulkhead. I will be sitting there looking at the homes (especially the grey Victorian house with the wrap around porch) and the beach.
If you were given a indie cable show, what type of show would it be? Which song would you choose as your opening theme song?
It would be a mixture of food experiences throughout the world (Think Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown) and his studio sessions for musicians. My opening theme song would be: I've Got The World On A String by Frank Sinatra
Craziest thing you ever done:
Woke up one morning while I was in college and decided that I wasn't in the right place. I knew it in my gut. Drove home that day, deferred my scholarship and left school!
Your wish for 2017?
To have all of my closest family and friends together sharing a meal. A mixture of classic Italian, fresh vegetables and desserts.

Clothing: Selected pieces from Robert Geller, Marna Ro and from Gordon's own personal wardrobe

Tom La Sala|Major Models
MODEL|Gordon Winarick|Major Models
Special thanks to Tom La Sala and the men's board at Major Models; Florent Belda at Rep Agency; Gordon for the trek and  time spend with JTC to do this blog feature!

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