Friday, February 24, 2017



Name|Andrew Nordin
Hometown|Richmond, Virginia

How did you get discovered?
I had just gotten my haircut in SoHo and Heroes Models scout Leah Hibbert stopped me in the street. I originally laughed at her when she approached me.
What were you doing prior to modeling?
I worked as a front-end web developer from Monday to Friday and took acting classes on the weekend.
People would be surprised to know that I...
have scars all over my abdomen from a rupture appendicitis and five subsequent surgeries.
What's your latest obsession?
Obsession to me says it has an expiration date. I am trying to be more thoughtful with whatever's in front of me. I've been actively pursing conversations about privilege.
Your most prize possession?
I once heard you shouldn't love anything that cannot love you back.
Growing up, who did you look up to as your hero?
I think hero is a really big word—I've looked up to different people in different ways.
When is the last time you said, "I Love You" to someone?
This morning to my dad.
Three adjectives that best describes you:
Curious, Thoughtful and Playful
Describe your personal style:
I kind f have a uniform—Black jeans, black t-shirt, leather jacket. Today I've got my overcoat to try and impress you.
Your favorite place you have travel to:
I just got back from five days of hiking in Big Bend National Park.
Best advice you have ever given:
It was given to me and now I pay it forward: If you don't like the journey, change the path!
Your favorite film and scene from the film:
I couldn't possibly pick. Right now, I think people should be talking about Moonlight.
Your favorite sport:
I played soccer in elementary school.
If there's a destination or item you would recommend us to check out or visit about your native country/city or town, what would you recommend?
Carytown, Virginia—Try the fried pickles at Galaxy Diner and see a $1.99 movie at the Bryd Theatre.
If you were given a indie cable show, what type of show would it be? Which song would you choose as your theme song?
Something that moves us forward. I'd love to work with Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy. The synthesizer out score by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein for Stranger Things is insane.
Craziest thing you ever done:
Perhaps modeling
Your wish for 2017?
I think a new type of conversation has erupted in our country since Trump became President and I hope to see it continue with compassion.

Nadia Shahrik|Daniel Thomas Jones
|Jonahon Reis|Heroes Models
MODEL|Andrew Nordin|Heroes Models
Special thanks to Nadia Shahrik, Jonathon Reis, Daniel Thomas Jones and the men's board at Heroes Models; Andrew for his time spend with JTC to complete this blog feature!

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