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Name|Adrian Stene
Hometown|Bergen, Norway

How did you get into modeling?
My modeling career started during a vacation. I was in Lithuania to meet my brother's bride's parents, when we decided to visit Latvia for one day. I was really lucky that day. While my parents and I were standing outside a restaurant, a agent from Bro Models approached me, at first I thought it was a scam when they said I could be a model but it came out to be true!
What are your interest outside of modeling?
I have a lot of interests outside of modeling. I am a cheerleader, play golf, scuba dive and some computer programming work (I worked as a IT guy at the University of Bergen. I work and support a organization specialize in children and teens as well. (Laksevågs Bueskyttere).
Your most memorable moment in modeling to date:
All the time backstage, just moments before we walked out on the runway. The adrenaline starts building up when the music starts to play. It was especially special for me right before the recent Prada show, since it was my debut!
Turn ON vs. Turn OFF in modeling:
There hasn't been any turn offs yet luckily :)! I think it's just an amazing honor to representing collections that brands have put so much time and passion to.
When you are not working, what would your typical day off like?
It would still be really busy. I am the type of person who loves to explore different things and places. It is cool to just see what the future have in store for me.
Describe your personal style
Like a typical Norwegian youth!
If you could meet any individual through modeling, who would you like to meet and why?
During my modeling career, I want to meet as many people as possible. It is not important if they are famous or not. It is all about experiences and getting to know everyone. There are a lot of talented people in the fashion industry.
Craziest thing you ever done:
I think the craziest thing I have ever done is taking a chance by getting into the modeling world. You never know how it will turn out. I could end up as a successful model or not at all. It's really important to just take everything with a smile and always be prepared for things not going your way.
Your wish for 2017 is:
Continue my journey as a model and see where it would lead me and my personal life in Bergen is great too. Home is where the heart is.
Shows you have walked so far:
FW2017—Prada (Exclusive), Louis Vuitton, Dior; Valentino and Burberry

Karlis Adlers|The Bro Models
IMAGES|Courtesy of The Bro Models
MODEL|Adrian Stene|The Bro Models
Special thanks to Karlis Adlers and the men's board at The Bro Models; Adrian for taking the time to do this Q&A for JTC. Looking forward to meet you someday soon!

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