Friday, March 17, 2017


Name|Saul Cohen
Hometown|London, England

How did you get into modeling?
Another HMG model, Noah applied to HMG and noticed me in one of the pics in his instagram!
What other interests are you into besides modeling?
Drama, climbing, reading and getting wavyyyy!
Favorite moment in modeling:
Walking a fashion show for an all girls boarding school, loads of overexcited school girls giggling at the ridiculously dressed male models! I was one of the models!
Turn ONs and Turn OFFs:
Turn On: Cheeky smile
Turn Off: The notion that some models think they are HOT SHIT!
Favorite thing to do when I have a day off: 
Walking my dog
Who you would like to meet through modeling?
Someone who could get me casted for a blockbuster, get some major $$$$!
Describe your personal style:
Dirty, worn out, comfortable clothes—the accidental messy look, that's me!
Craziest thing you ever done:
Broke into the building site for the South Bank Tower and climbing up the inside to get to the roof, then jumping onto the crane from the roof!
Wish for 2017:
Would be wonderful to get A's in my A levels!
Instagram: @saulyycohen

Hanna|HMG Models (London)
IMAGES|Provided by HMG Models (London)
MODEL|Saul Cohen|HMG Models (London)
Special thanks to Hanna and the men's board at HMG Models (London); Saul for taking the time to answer this short Q&A, hope to meet you soon one day!

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