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Name|Nikita Pikkas
Hometown|Tallinn, Estonia

How did you get into modeling?
Completely unexpected. My agent scouted me in the bus on my way back from school. I was very surprised because before that day, I never thought about becoming a model.
What are your interest outside of modeling?
I enjoyed riding my bike, do paper crafts and skype with friends from other countries.
Your most memorable moment in modeling to date:
When I got my first salary from Jil Sander's lookbook. I was very happy that day because I never thought I can actually earn money just because of my appearance.
Turn ON vs. Turn OFF in modeling:
In modeling, I like that I can travel to different countries and make friends with very interesting people. Also, I really like my agents, they do a lot of work to promote me in this industry. I am very grateful to them. The only negative thing is that the flights are quite exhausting.
When you are not working, what would your typical day off like?
I am a typical student and my daily life is learning and attending university, sometimes I ride bike or have a walk with my little sister.
Describe your personal style
I do not have a special style. I just wear simple, comfortable clothing. Very casual.
If you could meet any individual through modeling, who would you like to meet and why?
It is really hard to tell, as my career just started. It is already a huge experience and any person I meet is very important and interesting to me.
Craziest thing you ever done:
When I was a child, I used to throw water balloons from the balcony on the heads of bystanders. As soon as we done the deed we run for our lives! :)
Your wish for 2017 is:
I wish that disagreements between all countries will end!
Shows you have walked so far:
FW2017—Jil Sander, Gucci

Aleksei|Sage Mgmt. (Estonia)
IMAGES|Courtesy of Sage Mgmt. (Estonia)
MODEL|Nikita|Sage Mgmt. (Estonia)
Special thanks to Aleksei and the men's board at Sage Mgmt.; Nikita for taking the time to do this Q&A for JTC. Looking forward to meet you someday soon!

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