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Name|Tony Harak
Hometown|Tartu, Estonia

How did you get into modeling?
For the first time, I have been found by my agents next to my school in Tartu, at that time, I was 16 years old. But at that moment, the idea to become a model was not interesting at all, so I decided not to react to the proposal. After one year, when the new SAGE Management agency was already opened, Aleksei (my agent) reached me again and I agreed to meet up. Finally, I was involved and interested. Aleksei and Kristina came to Tartu to meet me and we discussed all the details, after a while they met my parents and they also agreed  that I will become a model!
What are your interest outside of modeling?
My hobbies are computer games, reading, cycling and fencing.
Your most memorable moment in modeling to date:
The most memorable moment was when I had a shooting for Dapper Dan Magazine in Helsinki. Well, I was a bit nervous, because I had no idea how everybody will react on me, will they like me or not. But in the end, everything went well. Huge thanks to Johan Sandberg for a wonderful and memorable shooting!!!
Turn ON vs. Turn OFF in modeling:
I loved everything about being a model! The only thing that I can count as a tiny minus is being exhausted after shootings. But there are more positives than negatives.
When you are not working, what would your typical day off like?
My normal days are very simple. I wake up, have some food and go outside to meet my friends. We walked till night and then I am back home. Usually, we do not have any special plans for the day, we are just gathering together and do whatever we like! Ohhh right....I am also a student! :)
Describe your personal style
I do not have a special style yet, but I am trying to be different, so I am developing my style as we speaks!
If you could meet any individual through modeling, who would you like to meet and why?
I would love to meet and work for GOSHA RUBCHINSKIY! (Gosha, please book me!)
Craziest thing you ever done:
I did a lot of crazy things, some of them I do not even remember already, so it is very hard to choose one but if I have to choose one, it will be the time I walked bare-chested in my friend's place and it was fill with a lot of people!
Your wish for 2017 is:
I can't wait to turn 18!

Aleksei|Sage Mgmt. (Estonia)
IMAGES|Courtesy of Sage Mgmt. (Estonia)
MODEL|Tony Harak|Sage Mgmt. (Estonia)
Special thanks to Aleksei and the men's board at Sage Mgmt.; Tony for taking the time to do this Q&A for JTC. Looking forward to meet you someday soon!

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